How to Measure for Plantation Shutters when Installing Them

download (6)For one to have a luxurious home, an addition of SPS plantation shutters would be beautiful. The first step is to measure the windows that the shutters are planned for properly. One should bear in mind whether the shutters are to be fixed on the outside of the window frame or the inside. The backspace should also be taken into consideration for it to provide room for shutter operation. There should also be enough space for, molding, hand cranks, trim, and the window.

Creating the Window Squareness

Diagonally, measure the window each way. If the diagonal measurements have a difference, then the window is not in square shape. The difference should at least be less than a quarter inch for one to work with. But if it will be more than that, then that will be considered not a square. The type of mount and frame to be used in the plantation shutters will be determined by the measurements made on the window.

Inside Mounting Plantation Shutters

Measure the shape and height of the inside of the drywall where mounting of the plantation shutters will be. Consideration of whether the trim or the drywall narrows more into the opening of the window is important. Measuring of the actual opening of the window is vital that no deductions should be made. It is important to provide accurate measurements because the shutters that the factory will make will be slightly smaller. When ordering, use the narrowest width and the shortest height. Both diagonal lines are the required measurements. That is the width horizontally at the top, center and bottom, the height vertically from right, left and center of the frame.

Outside Mounting Plantation Shutters

When mounting plantation shutters on the outside of the frame, there should be first consideration of a few things. First, decide not to go by the window but on how much area the shutter will cover. Also make a decision of where the shutter’s frame will be mounted whether on top or outside of the trim, or on the drywall. As given above horizontal, vertical and diagonal methods should be followed but as the starting and ending points, use the area to cover the outside of the trim. The need for the shutter clearing the trim should be put into consideration if mounting the shutter outside of the trim. On outside mounting plantation shutters’ measurements, there will be no deductions by the plantation shutter manufacturers.

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Keeping Your Grass Green

Keeping Your Grass Green

You have always dreamed of a green, soft carpet in front of your house, on which you can rest your bare feet and feel the moist, lushly grass? Have you always dreamed of summer evenings you can spend, lying down on the freshly cut grass in your backyard? Yes, we would all love this, but it comes with a cost… Do not be afraid, just a little bit of your time and you can be a proud owner of a wonderful lawn which will be an object of desire for your neighbors.

As mentioned, you will have to spend a little bit of money, if you want to hire professional gardeners, or spend a little bit of your time every other day so you can enjoy that emerald green while sipping your afternoon coffee. Lawn care is a bit of a science, but nothing too hard to understand.

There are several main factors to be accounted when it comes to keeping a healthy, green lawn or bamboo flooring Perth. These are fertilizing, regular maintenance and the ability to spot potential problems even before they manifest themselves. When it comes to cutting your grass, it is important not to cut too low, and experts recommend that grass should be allowed to grow a little longer, but mowed more frequently.

Also, letting your grass grow a little bit above 3 inches long will also inhibit weeds from shading out your grass. If the grass is cut too short, the plant cannot extract enough energy from the sun, since it lacks chlorophyll. Shorter blades will also put more stress on the roots.
When it comes to fertilizing agents, they are a must. The best tools to keep your lawn healthy and green are fertilizers, which come in many different varieties; the most well-known classification is the organic/synthetic fertilizer separation. There are three major components found in fertilizers, three key nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Fertilizers come in granule or liquid form can be classified as fast and slow-release ones and can contain other substances like pesticides. Important notes to have in mind when applying fertilizer are to always use a spreader (a device to help you easily distribute the fertilizer evenly), use it in the right time of year (during the month of April) and not to use too much nitrogen fertilizer because it can be detrimental to your lawn and increase weed concentration that can ruin your Timber Flooring Perth.
When it comes to maintenance and care, we all hate those bare spots and dead patches and all those pesky weeds that just will not go away. Bare and dead spots can be treated quite easily: mix up a bit of grass seeds with some compost, rough up the soil with a rake to get the soil in contact with the seeds and apply moisture. In a few days, the result will be visible. When it comes to weeds, if you are under attack by dandelions, the best way to get rid of them is to dig them up from the root.

Other weeds can be treated with various herbicides, applied with garden sprayers, but be careful with the dosage since these can harm your grass, too.

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